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10-11 February 2023, Beijing, China

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As a cutting-edge international organization with high-end IoT conference brand, World Internet of Things Convention has successfully held more than 100 international conferences and events, such as the IoT Innovation and International Strategy Seminar, World IoT Network Summit, WIOTC Beijing Summit, WIOTC China Summit, and annual conferences of WIOTC in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. It has won the recognition and support of UNESCO, UNDP, UNCTAD, ITU and other UN agencies as well as international organizations including ISO, IEEE, IEC, CENELEC, and other national government agencies and IoT associations.

About 2022 WIOTC

For the purpose of advancing the innovative development of global IoT digital economy, the building of industrial and ecological market related to IoT digital economy, the recovery of world economy in the post-epidemic era, the building of a community of a shared future for mankind and the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the 2022 World Internet of Things Convention (The Seventh WIOTC Annual Conference) will be held on February 2023 in Beijing, China. Representatives from UN agencies, government officials, ambassadors, counsellors, academicians, experts, scholars from nearly 100 countries as well as executives from World IoT Top 500 enterprises, and representatives from international thinktanks and business associations will be invited to attend the annual conference, which will attract the attention and participation of nearly ten million viewers online and offline.

2022 World Internet of Things Convention will consist of opening ceremony, ambassador forum, high-level dialogue, world new economy forum, state promotion meeting, special sessions for government and enterprise as well as multiple industrial forums. The highlights also include the awarding ceremony of 2022 World IoT Awards involving the categories of person, enterprise and project, and the founding ceremony of WIOTC’s affiliated commissions on industry, agriculture, energy, transportation and auto intelligence, etc. The online exhibition IoT World Fair will be officially launched during the annual conference.

We welcome government agencies, enterprises, thinktanks and institution to apply for the membership of the organization’s affiliated commissions, establish the investment attraction and promotion sections of government agency, and launch special forums for enterprises, and special forums focusing on various sectors. We also sincerely welcome global IoT technological enterprises, social organizations, societies, international organizations, government agencies, and media to provide the support of sponsorship, speech, release of latest outcomes, participation and exhibition.


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Main Content

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IoT World Fair (offline & online)
Opening Ceremony
Leader’s Speech
Academician Report
Keynote speech
Ambassador Forum
Sharing of the IoT Development Plan of Target Countries
Consultation on the Prospect of IoT Development
Discussion of IoT International Convention Organization
World New Economy Forum
Detailed discussion on the strategy of IoT new economy
Sharing the development direction of IoT new economy
Keynote Speech
State Promotion
National image show
National projects promotion
Enterprise investment exchange
Government Session
Investment environment promotion
Park investment attraction promotion
Enterprise investment cooperation
Enterprise Session
Enterprise image exhibition
Products / Technology exhibition
Achievements release
Founding of WIOTC Industry Commissions
Establishment of world IoT commissions on industry, agriculture, energy, transportation and auto intelligence, etc.
2022 World IoT Awards
2022 World IoT Awards Release
2022 World IoT Awards Awarding Ceremony
10+ Thematic forums
Industrial IoT
Digital Agriculture
Digital Energy
Transportation & Auto Intelligence
Health Care
Smart City
Eco-environment Protection
IoT Finance
Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent Logistics
Equipment Manufacturing

Invited Guests

Representatives of international organizations, government officials and world IoT business leaders are actively involved

Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s, President of Philippines

Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s

President of Philippines

Siddharth Chatterjee-ee-UN Resident Coordinators

Siddharth Chatterjee

UN Resident Coordinators

Shahbaz KHAN, Director, UNESCO Cluster Office in Beijing

Shahbaz KHAN

Director, UNESCO Cluster Office in Beijing

GONG Ke, Past President, WFEO


Past President, WFEO

Harvey Dzodin, Former US presidential Adviser

Harvey Dzodin

Former US Presidential Adviser

Andreas Dripke, Global Chairman of Diplomatic Council

Andreas Dripke

Global Chairman of Diplomatic Council

Sergey MANASSARIAN, Ambassador of Armenia


Ambassador of Armenia

Simon Pierre, Ambassador of Benin

Simon Pierre

Ambassador of Benin

Marcos Galvão, Ambassador of Brazil

Marcos Galvão

Ambassador of Brazil

Assem Hanafi, Ambassador of Egypt

Assem Hanafi

Ambassador of Egypt

Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh, Ambassador of Iran

Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh

Ambassador of Iran

Moin ul Haque, Ambassador of Pakistan

Moin ul Haque

Ambassador of Pakistan

Dumitru Braghis, Ambassador of Moldova

Dumitru Braghis

Ambassador of Moldova

Maja Stefanović, Ambassador of Serbia

Maja Stefanović

Ambassador of Serbia

Palitha T. B. Kohona, Ambassador of Sri Lanka

Palitha T. B. Kohona

Ambassador of Sri Lanka

Ali Al Dhaheri, Ambassador of UAE

Ali Al Dhaheri

Ambassador of UAE

Fernando Lugris, Ambassador of Uruguay

Fernando Lugris

Ambassador of Uruguay

Fariz Mehdawi-Ambassador of Palestine

Fariz Mehdawi

Ambassador of Palestine

Zhang Qin-Member of the Standing Committee of CPPCC委

Zhang Qin

Member of the Standing Committee of CPPCC

Shi Dinghuan, Former Counselor of the COSC of the CPC

Shi Dinghuan

Former Counselor of the COSC of the CPC

Li Bohu, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Li Bohu

Chinese Academy of Engineering

Wu Hequan, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Wu Hequan

Chinese Academy of Engineering

Shen Changxiang, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Shen Changxiang

Chinese Academy of Engineering

Ni Guangnan, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Ni Guangnan

Chinese Academy of Engineering

2022 WIOTC Agenda

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Registration / Reception

Opening Ceremony

Keynote Report

Build the Fully Interconnected New Economy, Usher in a New Epoch of Wisdom Revolution

Academician Report

The Development of New Generation of “Smart IoT” and Corresponding Suggestions

Keynote Speeches by Target Enterprises

Ambassador Forum


Main Forum: World New Economy Forum

Main Forum: State Promotion

Sub-Forum: Industrial IoT Forum

Registration / Reception

Sub-Forum: Agriculture IoT Forum

Sub-Forum: Digital Energy Forum

Sub-Forum: Transportation & Auto Intelligence Forum


Closing Ceremony

Leader’s Speech

Thematic Speech

Founding Ceremony and Awarding of the WIOTC Commission on Smart Life

Release Ceremony of 2022 World IoT Awards

Awarding Ceremony of 2022 World IoT Awards

Closing Remarks


WIOTC received the attention, support and participation of political leaders from many countries and representatives of international organizations.

RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE, President of Philippines


President of Philippines

The Internet of Things, which connects every device, home, community and economy, has completely changed the way work, live and transact business, opening up so many opportunities and endless possibilities.

Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN-法国前总理

Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN

Former French Prime Minister

IoT has the power to change our daily life and the world in the upcoming years. All sectors are facing disruptive innovations. I support you and I wish you a lot of success.

Zhang Xiaogang-国际标准化组织主席

Zhang Xiaogang

President of ISO

The Internet of Things (IoT) has had an enormous impact on our lives, and has the power to change our world as well. IoT covers many fields which apply to all aspects of economy and social life. The future development of IoT needs the joint efforts from all walks of life.

Bernhard Thies, CENELEC President

Bernhard Thies

CENELEC President

CENELEC highly appreciated the work of the WIOTC, which aims to promote global understanding of IoT through dialogue, information and experience sharing.

Karen Bartleson-电气和电子工程师协会主席

Karen Bartleson

President of IEEE

I want to send congratulations to the World Internet of Things Convention China Summit. I wish it very best.


The World IoT Ranking List top 500 enterprises have participated in the WIOTC and series of summit forums




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