White Paper

World IoT White Paper

White Paper

World Internet of Things White Paper

The first World IoT White Paper released in both Chinese and English, Zhang Hua, Vice-chairman of WIOTC Organizing Committee, elaborated upon it

Both the Chinese and English versions of the first World IoT White Paper were released, which serves as an important guide to the development of world IoT. Zhang Hua, vice chairman of WIOTC Organizing Committee, elaborated the paper, focusing on the recognition, definition, architecture and standard requirement of the world IoT where everything is interconnected. He also made a thorough presentation of the development of IoT smart economy and held that the paper would be of vital importance in the achievement of a healthy and sustainable development of global IoT and in the establishment of a smart world where everything interconnects with each other.

World IoT White Paper is He Xuming, chairman of the WIOTC, the Internet of Things Innovation Alliance, the Internet of Things Research Institute and the World Internet of Things Foundation, and expert advisory including Li Bohu, Wu Hequan, who are academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, discussed and prepared the first World IoT White Paper. It mainly focuses on the cognition generation, attribute definition, framework system, standard requirements and the development of the smart economy of world IoT, to guide a healthy and sustainable development of the IoT, to create an intelligent world where everything is connected, to build a community of shared future for mankind and promote the progress of human society.


1. Overview of the World IoT

1.1 Evolution of the World IoT

1.2 Origin of the World IoT

1.3 The meaning of World IoT

1.4 The role of the World Internet of Things

2. The Definition and Architecture of World IoT

2.1 The perception of World IoT

2.2 The definition of World IoT

2.3 The physical operation process of World IoT

2.4 The top-level architecture of World IoT

2.5 The application platform of World IoT

3. Smart Economic System of World IoT

3.1 World IoT Smart Economic Industrial System

3.2 World IoT Industrial Platform

3.3 World IoT Application Platform Organizational framework

3.4 Development Route of World IoT

4. Support for World IoT Standards

4.1 International Standards Organizations

4.2 Basic Requirements of World IoT Standards

4.3 Exploration of the World IoT Framework Standard

4.4 World IoT Standards and Security

5. Status Quo and Problems of the Development of World IoT

5.1 Global economic output value of IoT

5.2 Problems of the development of IoT

5.3 Problems need to be solved immediately in world IoT

5.4 The pain points of world IoT

6. The Application and Future of World IoT

6.1 The application of IoT in manufacturing field

6.2 The application of IoT in smart city

6.3 Application exploration of IoT in national governance and social management

6.4 Development conception of the IoT world

7. Complimentary Close