WIOTC is an international organization that builds an intelligent world where all things are interconnected.

Detailed introduction


World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC) is an international organization that builds an intelligent world where all things are interconnected; it is also the name of the convention. It has established continental headquarters in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania, and set up branches in the European Union, France, Singapore, Germany, the United States, Hong Kong (China), Geneva and other countries and regions, which add up to more than 20. The global headquarters of the WIOTC is located in Beijing, China (its LOGO, Chinese name and English name are all registered as trademark in the United States, China, Hong Kong (China) and other countries and regions). WIOTC has the W...

Mission of the WIOTC

Build an intelligent world where all thing are interconnected

WIOTC is dedicated to building a global platform for the exchange of IoT technology, capital and talents, creating a leading industry of world IoT new economy, establishing a world IoT economic system, benefiting the IoT intelligent life, work and production in the new era of wisdom revolution of all peoples, promoting the progress and development of human society, and contributing to the realization of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Outcomes of the WIOTC


WIOTC has got recognition and participation from international organizations, including U.N. agencies, IoT organizations worldwide, and other international organizations.


WIOTC gathers resources from more than 50 international IoT associations, research institutions, and standard organizations.


WIOTC has organized more than 80 international meetings and forums.


WIOTC has established friendly relations with government agencies and diplomats from more than 100 countries.


WIOTC has received attention and recognition from media and think tanks. The idea and concept proposed by WIOTC were cited and reported by thousands of global media.


WIOTC gathers resources from more than 10,000 leading IoT enterprises in the world.


  1. WIOTC held a press conference.
    Pproposing the term and concept of World IoT for the first time.
  2. IoT Innovation Alliance settled the headquarters base, Beijing, published by the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission.
  3. WIOTC Beijing Summit was held, former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN and President of Philippines Duterte sent congratulatory letters.
    The "Beijing Declaration on the World IoT" was released in English and Chinese.
  4. Visited the ISO, ITU, the German Industrial Data Space, the German IoT Standard Working Group, the French Chinese Chamber of Commerce and other institutions. Prepared to establish the World IoT standards.
  5. At the invitation of the ITU, UNDP, UNESCO, UNCTAD, attended the 2017 WSIS as representative of international organizations.
  6. World IoT Ranking List was firstly released, 400 global enterprises topped the list. More than 1000 media reported worldwide.
  7. WIOTC China Summit was successfully held, ISO President Zhang Xiaogang, IEEE President Karen sent congratulatory letter and video.
  8. World IoT Innovation and Application Forum was held, the President of the European Commission Juncker expressed his best wishes for a successful event.
  9. 2018 WIOTC was held, the President of Philippines Duterte, former French Prime Minister RAFFARIN, the CENELEC President sent congratulatory letters, and the representative of UNESCO attended and delivered the opening speech.
    The first "World IoT White Paper" was released.
    2018 WIOTRL Top 500 was released.
  10. 2019 WIOTC was held, the President of Philippines Duterte sent congratulatory letters, Dr. Clemens von Goetze, German Embassy Beijing, Ambassador, Andreas Dripke, Global Chairman of Diplomatic Council, delivered speeches respectively.
    World IoT connection operating system Released.
    2019 WIOTRL Top 500 was released.
  11. 2020 WIOTC Report, High-end Dialogue, Forum on Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, Forum on Smart Logistics.
    2020 World IoT Ranking List top 500 was released.
    Release of 1st World IoT Award
    Online Initiation of IoT World Fair