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WIOTC Directly Affiliated Bodies

WIOTC Advisory Committee

Main responsibilities: making IoT policy and providing consulting services in the areas of economy, technology, and market pattern as a think tank.

WIOTC Organizing Committee

Main responsibilities: preparing, organizing, and convening events, including the annual conference, summits, and forums.

World IoT Standard Working Organization Committee

Main responsibilities: promoting the application, accreditation and verification of standards related to world IoT new economy as a standing agency.

World IoT Ranking List Working Committee

Main responsibilities: selecting and evaluating global leading companies specialized in the construction, development and innovation of internet of things for World IoT Ranking List Top 500.

World IoT Economic Development Committee

Main responsibilities: establishing an industrial system for the global IoT smart economy, with 17 sector-specific commissions on industry, agriculture, energy, logistics, smart city, artificial intelligence, healthcare, ecological and environmental protection, security and safety, transportation and auto intelligence, military technology, chemical industry, culture and education, tourism, public affairs, aerospace and finance.

World IoT Foundation

Main responsibilities: managing and running the World IoT Fund.

World IoT Research Institute

Main responsibilities: covering consulting service and development and research centering on industrial development, architecture technology, market and business.

IoT Innovation Alliance

Main responsibilities: facilitating business cooperation and exchanges among IoT enterprises and institutions as a standing alliance agency.

IoT Century Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd

Main responsibilities: assisting the WIOTC Organizing Committee in its tasks, and undertaking some works required by the WIOTC General Secretariat.

Smarter Planet IoT Group, Inc.

Main responsibilities: assisting World IoT Economic Development Committee in carrying out specific works of IoT economy and industry, WIOTC Organizing Committee in preparing, organizing and convening annual conference, summits and forums, and World IoT Research Institute in implementing technological works while undertaking some works required by the WIOTC General Secretariat.

WIOTC  GlobalSubsidiaries


France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hungary


Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia