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World Internet of Things Convention (WIOTC) is an international organization that builds an intelligent world where all things are interconnected; it is also the name of the convention. It has established  continental headquarters in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania, and set up branches in the European Union, France, Singapore, Germany, the United States, Hong Kong (China), Geneva and other countries and regions, which add up to more than 20. The global headquarters of the WIOTC is located in Beijing, China (its LOGO, Chinese name and English name are all registered as trademark in the United States, China, Hong Kong (China) and other countries and regions). WIOTC has the World IoT Expert Advisory Committee, World IoT Economic Development Committee, World IoT Standard Working Organization Committee, World IoT Industry Research Institute, IoT Innovation Alliance, Smarter Planet IoT Group, IoT Century Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. and other institutions and company platform. Besides, WIOTC has 17 industrial centers and alliance organizations, including IoT industry, agriculture, energy, logistics, culture and education, tourism, health care, smart city, public affairs, artificial intelligence, aerospace, military and civilian science and technology, eco-environment protection, transportation, satellite IoT and finance. WIOTC has organized more than 60 international conferences and forums such as the 2020 World Internet of Things Convention, 2019 World Internet of Things Convention, 2018 World Internet of Things Convention, WIOTC China Summit, WIOTC Beijing Summit, World IoT Innovation and Application Forum, and the China-Russia-Mongolia-Uzbekistan IoT Innovation Summit; has the world's unique brand of WIOTC, the sustainable world IoT top-level architecture system, application models, theoretical basis and other core competitiveness and intellectual property; gathered more than 30 international IoT associations, research institutions and standards organizations around the world, including the China IoT Trade Association, VDE, the American Association of Industrial IoT, IoT China and IoT associations in France, India, Russia and other countries; gathered product resources, technical resources and capital strength of Huawei, Cisco, Google, Bosch, SAP, Amazon, IBM and other tens of thousands of IoT leaders in the world; released the "Beijing Declaration on the World IoT" and "World IoT White Paper", established the "World IoT Ranking List"; created the concept and technical framework of "IoT represents the 'Wisdom Revolution'" and the cognition, definition, architecture system and sustainable development routes of World IoT; recognized and participated by organizations such as UNESCO, UNDP, UNCTAD, ITU and international organizations such as ISO, IEEE, IEC and IoT organizations in many countries around the world; recognized and reported by the Bloomberg News, PR Newswire, DPA, World Journal, the organ of the Central Committee of the CPC- "Qiushi", the Information Website of Development Research Center of the State Council, and the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission and other thousands of media and think tanks around the world. WIOTC has also established good relations with government agencies, diplomatic envoys and enterprises of more than 100 countries. The business activities of the WIOTC in China are carried, represented and implemented by its legal entity, Smarter Planet IoT Co., Ltd. and IoT Century Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.

WIOTC advocates that on the basis of "the IoT will carry the 'wisdom revolution' era", the world IoT standard system and its game rules shall be jointly formulated by developing countries, with China as the representative as it has the most IoT applications, together with relevant institutions, IoT leading enterprises, international standard organizations and social communities in developed countries, so as to guide global IoT innovation and development.

WIOTC has launched the establishment of branches of the World IoT in various countries and regions, established branches in various provinces and cities in China, built World IoT demonstration bases, parks, centers and demonstration enterprises, and built 17 IoT industrial centers. It will construct IoT countries, provinces (states), new districts, communities, parks and demonstration bases with governments of various countries.

All governments and related institutions, IoT-related organizations, international organizations, IoT enterprises, experts and scholars, media friends and other social sectors are welcome to participate in building the World IoT, to practice the "world dream" of building a community of shared future for mankind, and to embrace the era of wisdom revolution. We will work with the rest of the world to build an intelligent world where all things are interconnected.

Mission of the WIOTC

Build an intelligent world where all thing are interconnected

Goals of the WIOTC

WIOTC is dedicated to building a global platform for the exchange of IoT technology, capital and talents, creating a leading industry of world IoT new economy, establishing a world IoT economic system, benefiting the IoT intelligent life, work and production in the new era of wisdom revolution of all peoples, promoting the progress and development of human society, and contributing to the realization of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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