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WIOTC is an IoT international convention organization that is innovative and nonprofit (also a nongovernmental organization recognized by United Nations ECOSOC)


The World Internet of Things Convention, or WIOTC, is an IoT international convention organization that is innovative and nonprofit (also a nongovernmental organization recognized by United Nations ECOSOC; hereinafter referred to “the organization”) and has emerged as the most influential and authoritative institution focusing on the internet of things and digital economy worldwide. The name of the organization is also the name of our leading annual convention with high-end and cutting-edge brand —— WIOTC as a world-class event. The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres participated in and delivered a speech to the World Internet of Things Convention (UN official website released the speech).

Founded in 2015, the organization serves the purpose of “BUILDING A SMART WORLD WHERE ALL THINGS ARE INTERCONNECTED”. The central goals including promoting the IoT construction and innovative development of world economy and society under UN framework and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations. Our important tasks are centered on establishing and formulating the international convention and universally accepted standards, supporting the building of a global market of IoT new economy, bridging the digital divide and benefiting the world people in terms of smart life and work.

The organization consists of main bodies of the Presidium, the Executive Committee, the General Secretariat and the Advisory Committee. In addition, it has also established directed affiliated institutions including New Economic Development Committee, Organizing Committee, Standard Working Organization Committee, Ranking List Working Committee, World Internet of Things Research Institute and Internet of Things Innovation Alliance as well as specific commissions on industry, agriculture, energy, logistics, culture and tourism, healthcare, smart city, smart life, artificial intelligence, aerospace, transportation and auto intelligence, finance and insurance, etc. Meanwhile, WIOTC has 20 plus branches in France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Malaysia and other countries as well as two supporting corporate platforms Smarter Planet IoT Group, Inc. and IoT Century and Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Currently, the organization has forged good relationship with government agencies and enterprises from more than 100 countries, gathered the relational resources of over 30 IoT associations, scientific and technological research institutions and standard organizations in the world and pooled the product and technology resources and capitals from tens of thousands of leading IoT and technological enterprises represented by those ranking on the WIOTRL Top 500.

Having organized and convened grand annual conventions for consecutive eight years and more than 200 international forums and summit sessions, the organization has boasted tens of millions of guests and viewers for every annual event. We have published the Beijing Declaration on the World IoT and World Internet of Things White Paper, established the “World Internet of Things Ranking List” and the “World IoT Awards”, and launched the unending online “IoT World Fair”. At the same time, WIOTC has also introduced the new concept, new cognition and new definition for the first time “IoT represents the wisdom revolution and created the IoT new economic model and top-level architecture —— “visualized real-time tracking and tracing plus commercial customization” (nominated by the WSIS Prizes). It has attracted and won the recognition and participation of the following participants: UN Secretary-General and UN agencies such as UNESCO and UNDP; government agencies and embassies from over 100 countries; famous international organizations including ISO, IEC and IEEE; and tens of thousands of technological and digital companies. Tens of hundreds of media including Bloomberg, PR Newswire, DPA, CCTV, CGTN, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, World News, China Daily, Chinese Academy of Engineering and other media and think tanks reported our events and included the news about us in their websites and publications.

The organization is opening its membership of Presidium to all government agencies for equal participation so that we work together to formulate the international “convention” on the global interconnection of everything on a negotiable basis; expanding member circle by inviting enterprises to join our global specialized commissions focusing on IoT and digital economy (industry, agriculture, energy, transportation and auto intelligence, healthcare, smart life, smart city, logistics, AI, finance, etc.) in order to support our member enterprises in developing and enlarging the ecological market of global industrial and supply chains and products market while establishing and implementing the general standards applicable to groups specialized in IoT and digital economy; selecting global partners to create the first new type of IoT demonstration base in the world and build the IoT new economic model for the reference of the world; and working with governments from all over the world to cohost WIOTC’s annual conferences and international forums and summit sessions.

We welcome you to join us together for the innovative development of world economy and society, for the benefits of the world people in terms of smart life and for the new era of wisdom revolution.

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WIOTC Organizational Structure
WIOTC (International IoT Convention Organization) Organizational Structure